University Basketball Team Plays YMCA Hoopshots League

by | Mar 21, 2017 | page 2, Sports

For the past 13 years, University of Redlands alumni Kyle Sirowy (‘o7) and Scott Wilkie (’08) have coached Hoopshots, a special needs basketball league at the Redlands YMCA. Each year, some of the players from the University of Redlands Men’s basketball team play against the Hoopshots athletes for the final game of the season.


This year, the Redlands basketball team was represented by Head Coach Jim Ducey, Assistant Coach Jorge Metasanz, sophomore Allen Quintero, and freshmen Jesse Grabow and Trevor Baker. The two teams played Friday at the basketball court of the Redlands YMCA.


The University of Redlands Basketball team was ultimately defeated by the Hoopshots in a hard fought game, with a score of 60-56.


“It was a lot of fun to see [the Hoopshots players] so excited,” said Baker. “Parents came up to us afterwards telling us how important this game is each year to their kids.”


The above photo is contributed by Hoopshots Coach Sirowy, and was taken after the final buzzer of this year’s game.

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