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A Student Organizer’s Reflection on the Mansfield Oil Protest and Sustainability on Campus

“At the University of Redlands, we encourage you to become a better citizen of your community and your world—and we lead by example, teaching and demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility every day.” This quote, featured on the University of Redlands website, sits atop a webpage entitled ‘Green College,’ proclaiming an academic institution committed to sustainability. This seemingly…


Big Food Empire

In 1955, there were 81 independent organic companies in the United States. Now only 15 of these companies remain free of major corporate control. Essentially everything you eat is processed and owned by large corporations. Annie’s Homegrown is an organic and non GMO food brand that was recently bought by General Mills, a large-scale company,…


Green Week: Fall 2015

Environmentalists! This upcoming week marks the next installment of Green Week: a week-long series of sustainability-themed events held on and off campus. It will take place between Monday, Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 31. Green Week is a collaborative effort by University of Redlands clubs, organizations, and Greek life to educate and involve students on…


How is the University of Redlands responding to the California Drought?

The California Drought poses a major threat to our environment. Overpopulation, production and consumption, and climate change have all been driving factors towards the decrease in water. California is the biggest agricultural producer for the United States. But while farming is one of the largest culprits of water use, many businesses have been sucking the…

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