Relay for Life

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Culture, Student Life

Annually, the University of Redlands holds a Relay for Life event at the Ted Runner stadium for the community to gather and participate in a common goal: raising money to cure cancer. This year, students, faculty and around a total of ten organizations from the University of Redlands held and participated in the fundraising event on March 30. The event was held from 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., a full twelve hours. Participants of the event did what they can to raise as much money as they could for the American Cancer Society. Organizations such as Alpha Phi Omega fundraised by selling boba for five dollars a cup. Other organizations allowed participants to pay them or a friend to run around the track. Students came to support the cause and some had the courage to share their own personal stories as to why they were there.


”I’m here to support the cancer research, my stepdad and my stepmom both have leukemia, and, you know, to support them and to help find a cause.” -Alyss Masundire ‘21

Diana Uribe ‘19 was one of the coordinators and showcased a large devotion to this event, ”I’m at Relay for Life because I am very passionate about cancer research and I would like to fight this disease until the point that it doesn’t exist anymore.”

Danilo Alvarez-Zakson ‘20 was constantly running around the track while wearing his toga, ”I’m here at the Relay for Life to help support fighting against cancer along with the School of Music.”

”My grandma is a two-time breast cancer survivor, so I walk for her. I’ve done Relay for Life before and I hope to continue doing it throughout my Redlands college career” -Jonathan Hoffman ‘22

”I’m here because my fraternity brothers and I, of Gamma Delta Rho, are selling fruit to raise awareness at Relay for Life. My grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer. They performed surgery and removed the tumors but he didn’t make a full recovery. A few months later, he became terminal. He lived a great life.” -Jeremiah Simms ‘21

”My first [Relay for Life] I went to was because it was the first [Relay for Life] after I found out my mom had cancer and then now I guess it’s just engrained because I lost her last summer and this is my second [Relay for Life]. So it almost feels like an obligation to come and like celebrate the day…just support the cause” -Jacob Miner ‘20

Photos contributed by Redlands Bulldog photographer Miracle Cariaga.