Johnny Cash Day: A Celebration of Artistic Expression

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Culture, page 2

Every year Johnston students honor Johnny Cash through an all day music event where fellow students and local bands celebrate his legacy. The following illustrates Johnny Cash Day with a series of photos.

Mason Summit and NOCONA performing on Bekins lawn during the day portion of the event.

Mason Summit and his fellow bandmates, who attend the University of Southern California (USC), play songs off their newest album “Gunpowder Tracks.”

Johnston students  Hadley Hughes and Crawford Banks also share their musical talents during this all day music festival.

Mya Thompson soaks up the sun on this melodic, Saturday afternoon

Michael Johnson, Emily Mains, Amelia Boyle, and Riley Oestreicher pile together to admire the artists.

Noe Skarpness and Becca Stankovich dance to the band Coleslaw’s upbeat songs.

Kenzie Nelson, dressed in all black, Johnny Cash style, enjoys a game of badminton on the lawn.

Not only are students expressing themselves musically, but also artistically. MG Maloney left, and Saraí Tirado, right.

all photos courtesy of Redlands Bulldog photographer Caillie Roach