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Media and visual culture studies major, race and ethnic studies minor.


Change My Mind?

On the average day propped up outside of Irvine Commons, one might find students sitting at tables featuring clubs fundraising, selling boba tea, advertising for an event and sometimes, you might find one with a sign that says, “Change My Mind: [Insert your choice of controversial political opinion here].”   Running the most recent table…


A Final Call to Non-Voters, From Us at the Redlands Bulldog to You

The general election approaches with impending speed, which means so does the onslaught of voter registration reminders, proposition advertisements, emails, actual mail, and — as I’m sure you’d also attest to — much, much more. Facebook now alerts you and your friends of upcoming elections. An advertising agency called Nail Communications released a viral video…


Embracing the Limbo

In a quest to familiarize our readership with the editorial staff, each editor reflected on their individual experience at the University of Redlands and how it has defined them.   Among withstanding 100-degree weather, developing a keen sense for which microwaveable meals will taste the best and realizing a college 8 a.m. and a high school…


Kavanaughs on Campus

As a nation, we seem to revisit the same statistics every so often to angrily disavow them. Of female undergraduate students, 23% will experience rape or sexual assault. #MeToo garnered an overwhelming national and international response, with millions of contributions to the hashtag on Twitter within 48 hours of it existing. Almost half of transgender…


#MeToo, Did You, and What We Can Do

In the United States, sexual harassment, assault, and rape are a series of numbers and taboos, scattered stories of trauma and statistics, internal and external scarlet letter A’s. It’s the ringing “one in four” college statistic, and that California is the only state as of this year to have made learning about consent mandatory in…

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