Monthly Archives: November 2016


Bulldogs Against Hate March in Protest through Downtown Redlands

Following the successful campus protest against hateful rhetoric last Thursday, Nov. 10, the University of Redlands group, Bulldogs Against Hate, felt that it was time to spread anti-hate ideas to the outer-community. On the evening of Nov. 17, approximately 200 students, faculty and community members met at the Memorial Chapel to march to Redlands Market…


Nov. 9, 2016: A Weird Wednesday

The goosebumps I’ve had for the last 72 hours are starting to get very uncomfortable. Political affiliations aside, the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election was stunning. Either in rejoice or in devastation, students across the University of Redlands’ campus dealt with the outcome in different ways. Both ecstatic dancers and glum drunkards inhabited Two…


Evan Sanford hosts Redlands Tonight

The first episode of Redlands Tonight was taped Thursday Oct. 27th in the Loewe Theater. The Improv team, sponsored by the University of Redlands Artist Collective, performed while  the audience entered the theater at 6:30pm. They helped the audience relax, smile and laugh. After the Improv team finished their performance, the first live broadcast began….

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