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The Reproduction of Trauma

To designate a hell is not, of course, to tell us anything about how to extract people from that hell, how to moderate hell’s flames. Still, it seems a good in itself to acknowledge, to have enlarged, one’s sense of how much suffering caused by human wickedness there is in the world we share with…


Title IX, Then and Now

In late December, Amelia Boyle wrote a letter to me addressing her rape on campus during her freshman year. Presented with such a heavy piece, as a publication we felt the need to investigate and explore the University’s policies regarding issues concerning sexual assault. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, administrators, or…


Mitten Groove Sessions

Last Friday, the 15th of January  the band GrooveSession performed live at The Mitten Building – located in downtown Redlands, on Fifth Street.  The band performed songs from their albums California Hurricane and Memoirs of Niwa, and paid tribute to David Bowie by covering his famous hit, “Let’s Dance.” Several University of Redlands students were in…

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