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Git-R-Done: Confederate Flag Hats Passed Out at Greek Council Meeting

On January 22nd, Greek Council, the collaborative governing body of the Greek community, joined Alpha Theta Phi alumna Kate DeSantis, in welcoming a service opportunity at a NASCAR race for an organization called Revolution Youth Advocate. RYA is a non-profit organization led by president Jason Evan and based out of San Bernardino. This organization strives…


Alpha Chi Delta: Then and Now

The University of Redlands has prided itself on creating a campus community dedicated to academic success, individuality, and creativity. The upholders of these ideals are the fraternities and sororities. The fraternities of Phi Chi and Kappa Sigma Sigma—established 1909 and 1916—as well as the sororities of Delta Kappa Psi and Alpha Theta Phi—established 1910 and…

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