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Free The Nipple

Wake up call. Women should free their nipples. Contrary to popular belief, men are frequently able to control themselves around exposed nipples and sexualized images; they are not reducible to the dehumanizing and belittling rhetoric of easily distracted and perverted beings. Men are not animals lacking the capability to make rational decisions and to control…


Every(body) is Beautiful Week

This week, L.U.S.T is hosting Every(body) is Beautiful week with the help of WRW in order to promote and educate about positive body images. Every day this week, Monday, Nov. 16 through Friday, Nov. 20 there is a different event free and open to University of Redlands students to emphasize the idea that every body…


Get Me Bodied

Ectomorph: lean and delicate. Mesomorph: compact and muscular. Endomorph: soft and round. These are the three main body types. Straight, pear, oval, diamond, apple, hourglass: these are a few of the many terms used to characterize the body. Some bodies are considered ideal while others are shamed. The very words used to describe the three…

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