Drones Over Hunsaker During GIS Day Festivities

Maps, drones and spatial technology occupied Hunsaker Plaza in celebration of GIS day—an annual celebration of the instruction, research and service produced by Graphic Information Systems (GIS) hosted by the university’s four-year-old Center for Spatial Studies. The event included activities like scavenger hunts and drone demos for students and community members to participate in with…


A Final Call to Non-Voters, From Us at the Redlands Bulldog to You

The general election approaches with impending speed, which means so does the onslaught of voter registration reminders, proposition advertisements, emails, actual mail, and — as I’m sure you’d also attest to — much, much more. Facebook now alerts you and your friends of upcoming elections. An advertising agency called Nail Communications released a viral video…


Home is Where the Heart is

It’s hard to believe I am starting my third year at the University of Redlands. It feels as if it was just yesterday that I was a bright eyed and terrified freshman moving into Fairmont Hall.   Yet, time has passed and I have now become accustomed to this place I call “home” September through…

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