Drones Over Hunsaker During GIS Day Festivities

Maps, drones and spatial technology occupied Hunsaker Plaza in celebration of GIS day—an annual celebration of the instruction, research and service produced by Graphic Information Systems (GIS) hosted by the university’s four-year-old Center for Spatial Studies. The event included activities like scavenger hunts and drone demos for students and community members to participate in with…


The Global State of Anti-Semitism

Politicians are known for being able to harness these fears and manipulate us into projecting them onto other issues. Political fear mongering from both sides of the aisle seems to be at one of its highest points in a very long time. Republicans scare people by using migrant caravans and the prospect of a female…


Participation Goes Far Beyond Voting

Yesterday, our country had a midterm election. If you’re like me, you’d become annoyed by the incessant reminders to vote on news and social media, from your friends and colleagues and from the politicians who want your support.   Voting is important, yes, and our future depends on it. But I’d like to call attention…

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