ASUR Campaign Regulations: Do They Work?

ASUR election regulations serve to make a fair and orderly guidelines for the candidates to follow. The regulations in this system are meant to mitigate abuse of the election process.   During the course of this election season, candidates such as Peter Kaffen and Kamal Bilal, who was sworn in as ASUR President on Wednesday,…


Bulldog Statue Unveiled After Much Anticipation

A statue of Deacon, the University of Redlands first ever Bulldog mascot was unveiled Wednesday at 12:30. The Maroon and Grey Student Ambassadors came up with the idea for the statue and began fundraising starting at homecoming and through December. Donations were made from alumni and students in each class in order to provide the…


Barbara Boxer: Final Political Series Speaker

Barbara Boxer was welcomed by the University of Redlands with a standing ovation from students, faculty, and community members. Boxer acknowledged the audience and complimented the University by calling Redlands a “Hidden Oasis.”  Boxer gave a 30 minute motivational speech, followed by a 30 minute question and answer session from both community members and students….


Barbara Boxer will Speak on April 4

As a part of the ASUR convocations and Lectures Spring Political Series, Barbara Boxer will be speaking at 7 p.m on Tuesday April 4 at the University of Redlands Chapel.  For the past 33 years, Barbara Boxer has represented the State of California. She served as a Representative for the 6th district of California for…


Springfest Saturday Features 3OH!3 and More

Springfest is here, with all the bells and whistles to match! ASUR Social Affairs will be hosting their annual all-school concert on Saturday March 25 from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.   Headlining the event is throwback hit group 3OH!3, featuring performances from HOLYCHILD, The Griswolds and Nolaj.   Executive Director of Social Affairs, Senior…


Shaun King Officially Rescheduled

After the freak accident that led to his lecture being cancelled, Shaun King has been confirmed to come to the University on Sept. 27, 2017. King is internationally known for his insights on, and commitment to racial justice in the U.S.   He was scheduled to give a lecture in Memorial Chapel on Feb. 22…

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