Beyoncé Mass: Women of Color and Modern Day ‘Pharaoh’s Daughters’

“…dismantle systems of power, tear down strongholds of racism, sexism, homophobia, and cisgenderism, which we [humans] have made sacred”.  -Read by Reverend Norton’s students.   Such words found their way into the pew-filled University of Redlands Memorial Chapel this past Monday, Jan 21. Along with this statement, the lyrics of celebrity artist Beyoncé, full name-…


Bon Appetit Contract Up for Renegotiation

Bon Appetit’s contract at the University of Redlands is up for renegotiation this Spring. Faculty and administration are already working hard to find either a new food service company or to rewrite the terms of their old contract with Bon Appetit. Each contract lasts on average of five years until renegotiation, although Bon Appetit has…


R You Ready to Hike?

The University of Redlands is nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. On a clear day, the R is visible as an emblem of bulldog tradition and spirit. It is one of the largest collegiate letters in the nation,  standing about as tall as the university quad is wide.   An alumnus of…


U of R’s Theatre Department Presenting The Memorandum

Last Friday, The University’s theatre department opened The Memorandum, a 1965 play written by Václav Havel. The production is a black comedy which entangles themes such as authority, conformity, and political commentary. The University’s website gives the following synopsis:   “An anonymous corporation introduces a new corporate language under the guise of improved efficiency and…

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