Articles by Willow Higgins

University of Redlands sophomore, Public Policy major and Editor-in-Chief of the Redlands Bulldog


Ben Shapiro Comes to Campus with Controversy

Your political perspectives may undergo a myriad of alterations or affirmations after this Wednesday, an eventful day for the University of Redlands community. Ben Shapiro, the conservative political commentator and editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, will speak at the university at 7 p.m. on March 15 in the Chapel. In conjunction with the university’s chapter…


White Board Wednesday: How to be Sustainable

Each week, Director of Student Activities, Mackenzie Dawes, hosts White Board Wednesday in University of Redlands’ Hunsaker Plaza.  Questions vary weekly and typically relate to a current event or topic.  Dawes asks the question, passerby jot down their answer, and then smile for a photo. The following is a collection of student and faculty responding…


Nov. 9, 2016: A Weird Wednesday

The goosebumps I’ve had for the last 72 hours are starting to get very uncomfortable. Political affiliations aside, the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election was stunning. Either in rejoice or in devastation, students across the University of Redlands’ campus dealt with the outcome in different ways. Both ecstatic dancers and glum drunkards inhabited Two…


A Letter from the Editor

Hi friends, Welcome to the Redlands Bulldog’s second year of providing news to the University of Redlands and its surrounding area. Last year, we worked as a team. As a newspaper staff, as a student body and as a united community, we committed ourselves to being aware of our surroundings and to publicize those surroundings…


ASUR Presidential Election Email Concerns Addressed

After two weeks of campaigning, University of Redlands junior Anne Thorson was elected to be next ASUR student body president. Thorson beat her opponent, University of Redlands junior Emma Wade, 55 percent to 44 percent. These results were called into question when the student body and the administration discovered that 41 students did not initially…


ASUR Presidential Debate Kicks Off Voting Season

As the United States presidential primaries proceed, the University of Redlands also finds itself in election season. Because the current president, University of Redlands senior Jake Funk, is soon to graduate, ASUR will be in need of a new student body president. Rising seniors Anne Thorson and Emma Wade are the two candidates running for…

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