Articles by Talullah Blanco


Shaun King to Speak on Wednesday

At 6 p.m on Wednesday, Sept. 27, American civil rights activist and writer, Shaun King will be speaking at the University of Redlands chapel. King will be delivering a lecture entitled “The New Civil Rights Movement.” Admission is free to students and University faculty. King is the senior justice writer for the New York Daily…


A Life in Venezuelan Oil and Politics

Eduardo Blanco, a self proclaimed ruler of the Blanco family, is my Grandfather who was born, raised, and currently lives in Caracas, Venezuela. Once, the country of Venezuela was the most affluent in South America in part to its booming oil industry. Now, Venezuela is a state of social, economic, and political crisis. With Caracas…


Screw a Linear Life

So many people in life have a linear goal. Get outstanding grades in high school, go to a fantastic college, graduate suda com laude. Then it’s on to graduate school and a professional career. After this, we’ll find ourselves a lifelong partner, have children, build a beautiful family and live happily ever after. Our society…

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