Articles by Hedy Yu

Hedy is a sophomore Johnston Student who explores and indulges in stories of food, business, culture, race, and people.


A Bobaholic Interviews Chaca Tea Bar

There are those who are addicted to shopping–the shopaholics–and those who are addicted to working–the workaholics. As for me, I am a self-professed bobaholic who is addicted to boba (I may need an intervention, but I don’t want one).   For those not well-versed in the boba arts, “boba” is used as short for “boba…


In Memory of Zack Ritter, the Woke Jedi

No, Zack Ritter is not dead; I promise. Zack is alive and well, but he has moved on from the University of Redlands to continue pursuing his dream of promoting diversity and inclusion in higher education. He is now at Harvey Mudd, one of the Claremont colleges, as their Assistant Dean of Institutional Diversity. But…


Count on Me: A Social Movement

With recent explosions of conversations around the topics of diversity and privilege, many students, primarily students of color, have led and joined these conversations. But what about those who haven’t joined the conversation?         Those who participate or want to participate in helping to eliminate discrimination and oppression can take the “Count on Me” pledge…


RYG Hosts Modern Policing Rally

At 5 p.m. on Monday, March 28, a group of students rallied on the Chapel steps to raise awareness about the issues of modern policing. For one hour, student RYG members, along with University faculty members Dr. Keith Osajima and Dr. Zack Ritter, spoke about prevalent policing issues and how we can possibly fix them….


Why the Academy Can’t Ignore #OscarsSoWhite

On January 14th, the unveiling of the Oscar nominations caused an uproar on social media sites. And it’s not because Leonardo DiCaprio might finally win an Oscar. People took to Twitter and revived the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite from last year to communicate how they felt about all 20 major Oscar nominations going to white people–for the…


New Works Festival

It’s one thing to go see a famous play or work. And it’s another to go see an original work written and directed by a playwright who’s still unknown and so close to my own age. A variety of original works were assembled by the students of the University of Redlands Theatre Arts Department for…

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