Articles by Trueman Gibson

News Section Editor and Writing Tutor in the Academic Success Center. Enjoys writing about politics, news and public safety.


U of R’s Theatre Department Presenting The Memorandum

Last Friday, The University’s theatre department opened The Memorandum, a 1965 play written by Václav Havel. The production is a black comedy which entangles themes such as authority, conformity, and political commentary. The University’s website gives the following synopsis:   “An anonymous corporation introduces a new corporate language under the guise of improved efficiency and…


Participation Goes Far Beyond Voting

Yesterday, our country had a midterm election. If you’re like me, you’d become annoyed by the incessant reminders to vote on news and social media, from your friends and colleagues and from the politicians who want your support.   Voting is important, yes, and our future depends on it. But I’d like to call attention…

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