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Super Bowl LIII Preview and Prediction

Does a Rams vs Patriots Super Bowl sound familiar? It should because this was the Super Bowl matchup in 2002. The Patriots won that game 20-17 on a game-winning field goal by kicker Adam Vinatieri. What’s funny is that the two most important people in the Patriots organization, quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill…


NFL Picks Week 11

Shortly during this introduction, I’ll briefly discuss some of the more important talking points during the NFL since the last time I wrote. How about those Pittsburgh Steelers? A lot of people, including myself, questioned the Steelers and whether the Le’veon Bell situation would continue to distract the team. However, they have stormed back, winning…


NFL Week 6 Betting Picks

Hello, everybody! First, I want to apologize for not writing my NFL article last week. I have been very busy with school, including my senior capstone project, but that is no excuse to give out my weekly picks! From now on, every week, with the exception of Thanksgiving week, I will produce an NFL betting…


Premier League Predictions

Hello! Starting this week, I will be making predictions for every English Premier League game, except for the games that occur on Fridays. Now, this series will be different from the articles I write for the NFL. These predictions will not include betting, as it is much harder to predict games in soccer because of…



Hello, everybody! I am back for my weekly NFL Weekly Betting Picks against the spread! I definitely missed doing this during the football season. I love handing out free money to the good people of America. Just kidding, I didn’t have a great first year doing this but I plan on improving.   This NFL…

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