Articles by Briana Weekes


Hillel will Screen Brave Miss World in CDI

This Monday, Jan. 23, the University’s Jewish life organization, Hillel, will be screening the film Brave Miss World from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Campus Diversity Inclusion (CDI). This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Gender Justice.,   “Hillel wanted to create an event that was not only relevant to our culture, but others…


Redlands Alumna Dr. Theresa Ashby Provides Insight on Business and Leadership

Throughout Dr. Theresa Ashby’s educational and workplace career, she has courageously built and sought human connection within business organizations. She originally pursued business because she felt it was the cornerstone of the economy. Through her vast educational experience, Ashby came to understand the importance of a holistic business model.  She obtained an MBA from the…


Climate Change is not up for Debate

Some scientists have declared that we’ve entered a new epoch called the Anthropocene, in which humans have come to dominate Earth. Since the Industrial Revolution, our activities have severely altered the natural world, often for the worse. The culmination of these alterations is climate change, which threatens the entire biosphere. Recently, environmental issues have been…


Cucas with Cabinet

School has been in session for approximately two months, and as a result students have melded into the routine of campus life.  By now, the successes and shortcomings within organizations and campus culture is visible. Behind the scenes of everyday Redlands life, there is ASUR, serving to create an optimal Redlands experience. ASUR wants to…

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