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Los Angeles Lakers Season Update

The Lakers seemed more interested in spitting on people than winning games at the start of the season! The “Showtime” team started the season 0-3, but after ten games their record improved by a small margin, disappointingly going 4-6. One of the many highlights of the first ten games was Lebron James missing two game-winning…


R You Ready to Hike?

The University of Redlands is nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. On a clear day, the R is visible as an emblem of bulldog tradition and spirit. It is one of the largest collegiate letters in the nation,  standing about as tall as the university quad is wide.   An alumnus of…


NFL Picks Week 11

Shortly during this introduction, I’ll briefly discuss some of the more important talking points during the NFL since the last time I wrote. How about those Pittsburgh Steelers? A lot of people, including myself, questioned the Steelers and whether the Le’veon Bell situation would continue to distract the team. However, they have stormed back, winning…


U of R’s Theatre Department Presenting The Memorandum

Last Friday, The University’s theatre department opened The Memorandum, a 1965 play written by Václav Havel. The production is a black comedy which entangles themes such as authority, conformity, and political commentary. The University’s website gives the following synopsis:   “An anonymous corporation introduces a new corporate language under the guise of improved efficiency and…


The Global State of Anti-Semitism

Politicians are known for being able to harness these fears and manipulate us into projecting them onto other issues. Political fear mongering from both sides of the aisle seems to be at one of its highest points in a very long time. Republicans scare people by using migrant caravans and the prospect of a female…

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