Daily Archives: October 5, 2018


Kavanaughs on Campus

As a nation, we seem to revisit the same statistics every so often to angrily disavow them. Of female undergraduate students, 23% will experience rape or sexual assault. #MeToo garnered an overwhelming national and international response, with millions of contributions to the hashtag on Twitter within 48 hours of it existing. Almost half of transgender…


MLB Playoff Preview

It’s October, so that means that playoff baseball is here. The fight for a World Series championship will be waged throughout the month. I’m here to preview each of the contenders and the matchups of the first round of playoffs. This year we have two leagues stacked with powerhouse clubs, including three 100+ win teams…


Premier League Predictions

Hello! Starting this week, I will be making predictions for every English Premier League game, except for the games that occur on Fridays. Now, this series will be different from the articles I write for the NFL. These predictions will not include betting, as it is much harder to predict games in soccer because of…

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