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Top 5 Betting Picks: NFL Week 11

Last week was one of my worst betting weeks in a long time. I won one out of my five picks, and I’m not thrilled about it. In the Bengals-Titans game, the game which I predicted correctly, the Titans needed a late fourth quarter comeback to beat the lowly Bengals. In the Pats-Broncos game and…


Guess What? The Counseling Center has Options that don’t Require a Waitlist

Without a doubt, mental health is becoming a more common topic of discussion in our culture. Articles highlighting topics that were once societal taboos – such as depression, anxiety, rape, disorders, sexual assault – are now becoming less stigmatized. According to Dr. Robin Cooper, the Associate Director of the university’s Counseling Center, approximately 18 percent…


Tweet Tweet Mr. President

It is no secret that President Trump likes to tweet. Not only can he share his deepest thoughts with the entire world, but it’s a great exercise for his big, strong hands. He has sent thousands of tweets before taking office and thousands more since swearing the Presidential oath. He has used countless of words…

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