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D.U.D.E.S Get Into Relationships

“We never question why someone would shoot a basket overhand [because that is socially accepted as the ‘norm’] but when it is underhand it becomes an issue. It becomes an issue because judgement is now occurring. What D.U.D.E.S does is challenge this” –Reggie Robles   On September 21, Gregory 175 accommodated a well-turned-out group of…


Shaun King to Speak on Wednesday

At 6 p.m on Wednesday, Sept. 27, American civil rights activist and writer, Shaun King will be speaking at the University of Redlands chapel. King will be delivering a lecture entitled “The New Civil Rights Movement.” Admission is free to students and University faculty. King is the senior justice writer for the New York Daily…


Consent is Sexy: Amy Ziering at RAINN Week

Amy Ziering, an accomplished documentary filmmaker who co-produced “The Invisible War” and “The Hunting Ground,” gave a three-part lecture entitled “Consent is Sexy” on Thursday night in the University’s Memorial Chapel. The lecture was organized by Alpha Xi Omicron, in conjunction with ASUR, as part of the sorority’s philanthropy RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network)…


Title IX: Be Heard and Get Answers

University of Redlands’ Title IX Coordinators will be hosting a forum at 6:30 p.m tomorrow night in Casa Loma to discuss all issues surrounding Title IX and sexual assault. A variety of administrators will be on the panel as both a resource and as discussion facilitators. This event will function to advance the conversation surrounding…

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