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A Life in Venezuelan Oil and Politics

Eduardo Blanco, a self proclaimed ruler of the Blanco family, is my Grandfather who was born, raised, and currently lives in Caracas, Venezuela. Once, the country of Venezuela was the most affluent in South America in part to its booming oil industry. Now, Venezuela is a state of social, economic, and political crisis. With Caracas…


On Friendship

What about the University of Redlands do you love the most? The inspiring professors? The challenging studies? The sporting events? The parties? The California sunshine?   While I am sure that every reader of The Redlands Bulldog takes delight in each of these things, I would nonetheless anticipate a unanimous, alternative answer. You love your…


Sustainability Forum Discusses Urgency of Campus Consciousness

Environmentally concerned students at the University of Redlands want to reshape institutions to be responsible for their environmental impacts, and effectively minimize them. On Jan. 31, over two hundred students, faculty, staff and community members joined to discuss the University’s sustainability practices and future. The event was organized largely in part by the ASUR Sustainability…


Weekly Culture Picks: Feb. 13

Watch: American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson (available for streaming on Netflix)   The O.J. Simpson Trial is iconic. It started the L.A. trend of watching high (or in this case, low) speed pursuits. Race, sports, and crime converged for the high-profile investigation and subsequent trial. Most of us undergrad students weren’t even…

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