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Screw a Linear Life

So many people in life have a linear goal. Get outstanding grades in high school, go to a fantastic college, graduate suda com laude. Then it’s on to graduate school and a professional career. After this, we’ll find ourselves a lifelong partner, have children, build a beautiful family and live happily ever after. Our society…


Open Letter to President Kuncl Regarding Sustainability on Campus

Having attended the University of Redlands for nearly four years now, I have witnessed the administration’s approach to campus sustainability on multiple occasions, and I have to say, it’s been pretty frustrating—for myself, other students, faculty members, and alumni. There has been a consistent tone of dismissiveness from the President, along with members of his staff…


Redlands Alumna Dr. Theresa Ashby Provides Insight on Business and Leadership

Throughout Dr. Theresa Ashby’s educational and workplace career, she has courageously built and sought human connection within business organizations. She originally pursued business because she felt it was the cornerstone of the economy. Through her vast educational experience, Ashby came to understand the importance of a holistic business model.  She obtained an MBA from the…

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