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Coming Home: A Musical Theatre Revue

This review is of the opening night performance of Coming Home on Thursday, Oct. 20.             Upon walking into Frederick Loewe, the University of Redlands’ black box theatre, I was immediately transported into what seemed to be trying to evoke the feel of a speakeasy, with its small, intimate performance space and blue-hued lighting….


A Defense of Hope in a Changing Climate

Climate change is not some theoretical eventuality, but a reality that is already having major impacts all over the world. Rising sea levels are swallowing the coastlines of places like the Solomon Islands, threatening to erase entire communities and cultures. Desertification has made it impossible for countries like Yemen to grow food, creating humanitarian crises…


The Pride Center Presents Ask a Queer! Night

A strong crowd of about forty gathered in the Multi-Cultural Center last Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m for Ask a Queer! Night. This event was put on by the University of Redlands Pride Center interns Crystal Marshall ’17, Tommy Thomsen ‘17, Chandler Talbott ‘18, Anna Rusignuolo ’19, Komz Muthyalu ‘20, and Joshua Martinez ‘20. The…


Weekly Culture Picks: Oct. 24

Emma Wade, here – the Editor of the paper’s Culture Section! Every Monday, you can check back here for four wonderful picks made by yours truly to bring you bliss in the upcoming week. My selections will entail a favorite album, a binge-worthy series, something important to read and a quote to get you inspired….


Why Feminism Needs to Exist on our Campus

CLARIFICATION NOTE: This article has been modified from its original version to protect the identity of a certain group. The original article also potentially misconstrued whom a comment was referring to, and that phrasing has since been corrected. The Redlands Bulldog’s reporters, editors and advisor had no intent of negatively affecting the reputation of anyone…

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