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The Volunteer Voice

The Volunteer Voice is a resource for students to learn about current service projects on and around the University of Redlands’ campus. The Volunteer Voice aims to encourage students to be actively involved in community service by providing them with a list of different options. Here is this months list awesome service opportunities!


A Plea to Voters: Just Do It

“Why vote?” “It doesn’t matter.” “It makes no difference.”   Each election cycle, I hear people making these sorts of comments, and it makes me sad. While these sentiments are understandable, they are simply not true. Here’s why your vote counts, and why you should use it:   Every four years, America elects a president. This…


2016 SPARC Retreat

The University of Redlands’ SPARC retreat will be held this Friday, Sept. 23 through Sunday Sept. 25. SPARC is a social justice retreat where students gather to discuss topics of intersectionality, the power of alliance-building, our social differences, oppression and privilege. The retreat will be held in Camp Wrightwood, where students will brainstorm activities and…


Laci Green Talks Sex

Just moments after entering the stage, Laci Green projected a photograph of a vulva  (as Green emphasized, not a vagina) onto the wall, establishing her intent to educate the students of the University of Redlands without concerning herself with respectability politics. Laci Green came to the university to speak about sex on Sept. 12 as…


About the ASUR Senate Candidates

Below are biographies of this year’s candidates for ASUR Senate election. The ASUR Senate is composed of representatives from each residence hall, which allows students to have a voice in student government based on their place of residence. The senate oversees legislation that directly affects students on campus, which makes this election an important aspect…


A Letter from the Editor

Hi friends, Welcome to the Redlands Bulldog’s second year of providing news to the University of Redlands and its surrounding area. Last year, we worked as a team. As a newspaper staff, as a student body and as a united community, we committed ourselves to being aware of our surroundings and to publicize those surroundings…

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