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Git-R-Done: Confederate Flag Hats Passed Out at Greek Council Meeting

On January 22nd, Greek Council, the collaborative governing body of the Greek community, joined Alpha Theta Phi alumna Kate DeSantis, in welcoming a service opportunity at a NASCAR race for an organization called Revolution Youth Advocate. RYA is a non-profit organization led by president Jason Evan and based out of San Bernardino. This organization strives…


PRIDE Center Holds Outreach Picnic

Last Sunday, Feb. 21st, the Pride Center put on their first annual pride picnic event. From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Redlands students came together with local high school students at the gallery lawn for food, fun, and friendship. Those in attendance at this event included 9th and 11th graders from Grove High school, interns…


From The ASUR Presidential Candidates

Below are statements from both of the 2016-2017 ASUR Presidential candidates, Anne Thorson and Emma Wade, respectively. Hello Bulldogs! My name is Anne Thorson and I am running to be your next ASUR President! I have been involved with ASUR Senate since my freshman year, and have served as the Senate Chair on both ASUR Senate…



Love. We seek it, we need it. Baseline desire strives to put someone higher: adore, admire, and love.  Four letters so simple in formulation, difficult in design, impractical in mine. Love. The hard line for so many of us in line to greatness. To happiness. To bliss.  What is your limit, your line? Set yours…


ASUR Presidential Debate Kicks Off Voting Season

As the United States presidential primaries proceed, the University of Redlands also finds itself in election season. Because the current president, University of Redlands senior Jake Funk, is soon to graduate, ASUR will be in need of a new student body president. Rising seniors Anne Thorson and Emma Wade are the two candidates running for…


Scott Randolph: Professor of the Year

At the start of each year, five honorary University of Redlands faculty members are nominated by the students for Professor of the Year. This year, the list of nominees included, Sandy Koonce from the Mathematics and Computer Science departments, Teri Longin from the Chemistry department, Scott Randolph from Business Administration and Accounting departments, Greg Thorson…

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