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DTR Art Walk

The biannual Downtown Redlands Artwalk will be happening again this Sunday, October 25th,  from 12-6 p.m. at 1 E. State Street. This community-based event combines both local businesses and art to create a walk through celebration of Redlands artisanship. Live bands will be performing at Ed Hales park, and will include performances by: Outside Voices,…


(SPARC)ing a Campus Change

On the first Friday of October I met at the Chapel steps to catch a bus to camp Wrightwood, just a mere 45 minutes north of San Bernardino. There were nearly 50 of us all together, united for a common cause: our interest and passion for social justice. We were meeting for the first annual…


Get Me Bodied

Ectomorph: lean and delicate. Mesomorph: compact and muscular. Endomorph: soft and round. These are the three main body types. Straight, pear, oval, diamond, apple, hourglass: these are a few of the many terms used to characterize the body. Some bodies are considered ideal while others are shamed. The very words used to describe the three…


Active Shooter Protocol at Redlands

Tragedy, confusion, and controversy have arisen from three college campus shootings this October, at Umpqua Community College on October 1 and at Texas Southern University and Northern Arizona University on October 9. In the wake of this, many schools are practicing lockdown drills with students and faculty everywhere wanting to know what their own campus’…


Homecoming Through the Ages

Anticipation is thick in the air as the University of Redlands prepares for this year’s homecoming weekend. The groundskeepers are trying to mask the drought by creating lush, green lawns, administrators are tidying their paper-strewn desks, and fraternities and sororities are initiating new pledges and revving up for a weekend of reunions and parties. It’s…

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